Flight Path
Season 1, Episode 15
Flight path
Original Transmission 20 Jan 1971
Written by Ian Scott
Directed by Ken Turner
Production Order
Computer Affair
Broadcast Order

Flight Path is an episode from the UFO TV series.


When his wife Carol is threatened by a mystery man, SHADO's Paul Roper begins to pass on secret information that would aid a major UFO attack. But when he begins to supply false information his wife is attacked. Roper decides to try and redeem himself, but he has already given away too much information. The UFO's are going to attack at the same time as some sunspot activity. The attackers will be undetectable, except to one man, stationed at a certain position on the Moon's surface. It is Roper's chance to get his revenge by frustrating the attackers he has aided, and saving the friends he has betrayed.

Regular CastEdit

  • Dr Shroeder - Maxwell Shaw

Guest CastEdit

  • Paul Roper - George Cole
  • Carol Roper - Sonia Fox
  • Medic Dawson - Keith Grenville
  • SHADO Guard - David Daker
  • Voice of Lunar Module Pilot - Jeremy Wilkin

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