Built by the New World Aircraft Corporation, the Fireflash is the fastest and most prolific design of aircraft used in the mid-21st century. Following a number of sabotage attempts foiled by International Rescue, production of the Fireflash was stepped up, leading to an order for 500 aircraft from World Airlines and 150 for Air Terrainean.

Each tailplane nacelle contains three 'Atomus' jet engines. They are powered by an atomic fusion reactor. Power is generated via the heat exchanger through conduits built into the tailplane to the rear of the cockpit entry system.

Access to the cockpit is gained via a lift or adjacent emergency ladder from the engineering deck.

Passengers: 600
Flight deck crew:
Passenger deck crew: 20
Top speed: 2800 mph
Wingspan: 180 feet
Length: 380 feet
Weight: 1,806 tons


It a double deck airliner with and black nose cone at the front, grey at the top and bottom of the body and wings. There are 2 small wings at the front and 2 large wings at the back. At each of the back wing there's a first class lounge, bar and seats. On the end of each wing are two huge dark blue ovals and when a part of the wing bends down the ovals open up for the landing gear to come down the other landing gear are at the front of the plane. The cockpit are at the front of the tail fin and at top of the tail fin there are two small wings that carries and engine each. Each engine can allow Fireflash to stay up in the air for 6 months, but the radiation shields need regular servicing.



  • It was the only non-International Rescue craft to appear in the end credits.

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