Father Unwin

When a late member of this parish leaves Father Stanley Unwin a strange briefcase, it unexpectedly changes Unwin's life.

Inside the briefcase is a miniaturisation device, and the parishioner's request is the Father Unwin uses it as he sees fit for the good of mankind.

Father Unwin decides to use this "Minimizer" - which can shrink objects or people to one-third of their normal size - to aid British Intelligence.

Father Unwin's contact there is The Bishop (British Intelligence Service Headquarters Operation Priest).

Operating out of his home, the Vicarage and driving his 1917 Model"T" Ford and the assistance of reducible agent Matthew, Father Unwin becomes a vital contributor to British Security.


  • Father Stanley Unwin was played by real life actor Stanley Unwin.


A Case For The BishopEdit

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