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Beneath its deceptively smooth lines, FAB 1 provides Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward with an impressive range of concealed gadgetry.

Custom-built for the Creighton-Ward family by the Rolls-Royce company, FAB 1 is powered by one of the firm's most powerful hybrid mini gas turbine units to support the weight of the turbine, twin-steering front-wheel assemblies are required, resulting in a unique six-wheeled chassis, the arrangement also giving the double benefit of greater stability when cornering. Powered at low revolutions by conventional fuel sources, proton-conducting solid-oxide fuel cells can be a engaged to boost the turbine's power, enabling a maximum speed in excess of 200mph to be achieved.

To complement the vehicle's unique engineering, equally unconventional bodywork was created, sweeping back in an aerodynamically efficient streamlined shape from the traditional Rolls-Royce radiator grille. To add to the aerodynamic effect and to provide maximum visibility, the passenger compartment is topped by a transparent bubble incorporating opening gull-wing sections. These are combined with retractable lower doors to provide access for passengers. In contrast, the leather and wood-trimmed interior is relatively understated, its most unusual feature being the centrally-positioned driving seat. This affords the driver unrestricted vision and allows ease of access for passengers to the rear bench seat. For additional rear-view vision, the driver can switch in cameras mounted in the trunk and at either side of the canopy to relay images to the two dashboard display monitors.