Designer: Jeff Tracy
Engineer: Brains
Built: 2065
Colour: Red
Pod Number 5

The Excavator is one of the fourteen Pod Vehicles used by International Rescue while out on rescues.


The Excavator is designed to cut up rocks or debris, in order to clear a path where there has been a rock fall or avalanche.


At the front of the Excavator is a cylinder tube with spikes on it. This is used to cut up all off the rocks, making it the primary tool. Beneath it is a smaller, precision drill, which is used to drill holes in a mountain of rocks. The drill is housed inside a square container, which is at the front of the Excavator, that collects all of the crushed rocks sending them into the Excavator. In the Excavator it will release these out of a nozzle at the back.


Excavator diagram



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