The Secret Service:
Errand Of Mercy
Season 1, Episode 8
Errand of mercy
Original Transmission 9 November 1969
Written by Tony Barwick
Directed by Leo Eaton
Production Order
Last Train To Bufflers Halt
Recall To Service
Broadcast Order
Recall To Service
The Deadly Whisper

Errand of Mercy is the eight episode of British television series The Secret Service.

Confined to bed with an illness, Father Unwin is plied with medicine by his housekeeper, Mrs. Appleby. But the medicine proves to be somewhat of a stimulant, and Father Unwin begins to hallucinate. He imagines that he and Matthew undertake a mission to get vital medical supplies to a plague area. After they complete the mission, Father Unwin wakes up in his own bed, it's morning, and his whole adventure was nothing more than a dream.

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