Space Precinct:
Double Duty
Season 1, Episode 11
Double duty
Original Transmission Mar 1995 (UK)
Oct 1994 (U.S.A)
Written by Gerry Anderson
Directed by Steven Begg
Production Order
Star Laws (Pilot) Space Police
Protect and Survive
Broadcast Order
The Power

A drug war is raging in Demeter City and a professional assassin is taking out the competition. The sole survivor of an attack on drug baron Oturi Nissim is a pretty alien girl, Aleesha Amyas, who is taken into protective custody. Suddenly the killer is loose in the Space Precinct House and Orrin is its first victim.

Regular CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Aleesha Amyas - Lana Citron
  • Voice of Aleesha - Moir Leslie
  • Aleesha (Alien Killer) - Leigh Tinkler
  • Bag Lady - Matyelock Gibbs
  • Zanoc's Henchman - Andy Dawson
  • Creon PC - Andy Dawson
  • Dealer - Andy Dawson
  • Delivery Man - Idris Elba
  • Voice of Delivery Man - David Healy
  • Inazy Nitzan - Sharron
  • Oturi Nissim - Nickolas Grace
  • Piru - Andy Dawson
  • Pizza Manager - Andy Dawson
  • Retainer #1 - Richard Ashton
  • Retainer #2 - Stephen Calcott
  • Torrance - Rob Thirtle
  • Tarn PC - Rob Thirtle
  • Zanoc - Rob Thirtle

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