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Doppelgänger aka Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun was released in 1969 with ascreenplay by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson and Donald James. It was directed by Robert Parrish.


One hundred years in the future two astronauts are sent to uncover the secrets of a duplicate Earth on the other side of the Sun. When their journey ends three weeks early with a crash landing they must embark on a life-or-death mission to determine whether they have arrived back home or are on the strange mirror world.

Cast of CharactersEdit

  • Dr. John Kane - Ian Hendry
  • Colonel Glenn Ross - Roy Thinnes
  • Jason Webb - Patrick Wymark
  • Sharon Ross - Lynn Loring
  • Lise Hartman - Loni Van Friedl
  • Paulo Landi - Franco Derosa
  • Mark Neuman - George Sewell
  • David Poulson - Edward Bishop
  • Dr. Pontini - Philip Madoc
  • Dr. Beauville - Vladek Sheybal
  • Monsieur Clavel - George Mikell
  • Dr. Kurt Hassler - Herbert Lom
  • Flight Director - Keith Alexander
  • Pam Kirby - Norma Ronald
  • Dr. Gordon - Cy Grant
  • Control Technician - Jeremy Wilkin
  • Monitoring Station Technician - Basil Moss
  • Ulan-Bator Air/Sea Rescue - Anthony Chinn
  • Control Technician (Medical 1) - Peter Burton
  • Control Technician (Medical 2) - Nicholas Courtney
  • 1st Male Nurse - Jon Kelley
  • Nurse - Annette Kerr
  • 1st Gantry Technician - Maxwell Craig
  • 1st Party Guest - Alan Harris
  • 1st Security Sergeant - Edward Cast
  • 2nd Security Sergeant - Raymond Barry
  • London EUROSEC Representative - John Stone
  • Paris EUROSEC Representative - Arnold Diamond
  • Bonn EUROSEC Representative - Laurence Herder
  • Rome EUROSEC Representative - Bill Meilen
  • The Hague EUROSEC Representative - Peter Jesson
  • Brussels EUROSEC Representative - Colin Vancao
  • Photographer - Mike Lucas
  • 2nd Party Guest - Victor Harrington
  • 1st Party Waiter - Joe the Waiter
  • 2nd Party Waiter - Cyril Kent
  • Control Technician Peter Van Dissel
  • 2nd Gantry Technician - Maurice Connor
  • 3rd Gantry Technician - Royston Farrell
  • 2nd Male Nurse - Michael Wolf
  • Doppelganger Crew Chief - Alan Haywood
  • Security Guard - Martin King
  • Other Technicians - James Donnelly, Constantine Gregory and Michael Mundell
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Running timeEdit

101 mins approx.

External LinksEdit

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