The Desert Jeep is a vehicle commonly used in the series Thunderbirds.


The Desert Jeep is used as transportation when someone is in a sandy terrain.


The Desert Jeep has a long front bonnet that is designed to absorb the impact if the vehicle was to hit a sand dune. There are four lights at the front to give perfect visibility. The jeep has a large windscreen to stop sand going into the driver or passenger compartment.

Behind the drivers seat is a canopy that can be brought forward if it is raining. It has a large boot at the back, which can hold a lot of equipment. At the very back is a part that allows it to connect up to a trailer.

There are two types of the Desert Jeeps. One is a halftrack, with two double wheels at the front and a caterpillar track at the back. It appeared in The Uninvited. The other type has two double wheels at the front and four double wheels at the back, and was seen in Martian Invasion.


Desert Jeep

Desert Jeep



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