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Danger at Ocean Deep is the 22nd produced episode and the 19th broadcast episode, of the first series of Thunderbirds.


When the Ocean Pioneer tanker mysteriously explodes, Brains sets about investigating the cause. With a little help from Lady Penelope, this is discovered to be a chemical reaction between the cargo of liquid Alsterene and OD60 found in the sea. International Rescue set out to save the crew of the ill-fated Ocean Pioneer II.


In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea was a huge ship called Ocean Pioneer I. It carried a highly explosive liquid called Alsterene. On board the ship were three men.

Suddenly a humming sound could be heard by all of them. One man, called Collins, said that the reactor of the ship was over compensating. Slowly the ship disappears into a thick fog and explodes, leaving no survivors.

Six months later, in London, there was a celebration going on for the launching of Ocean Pioneer II. Lady Penelope had been given the honour of smashing a bottle of champagne against the ship.

After she had launched Ocean Pioneer II, she contacted Jeff Tracy. She told him that she had checked Ocean Pioneer II and found nothing that indicated sabotage.

Despite what Penelope said, Jeff was still unconvinced that there wasn't anything wrong with Ocean Pioneer II. His reason was because if Ocean Pioneer I could explode for no apparent reason, then Ocean Pioneer II could do the same.

Suddenly John reports in to say he has received an emergency distress call. He said that a typhoon had hit an island and the foundations of a hospital where crumbling away putting the patients at terrible risk.

So Scott set off in Thunderbird 1 while Virgil and Gordon set off in Thunderbird 2. Alan did not go with them because he had to relieve John from Thunderbird 5 in six hours.

While Scott was on his way, he contacted home on the videophone. However, there was a huge amount of interference and Jeff could not hear Scott. Brain studied the interference on Scott's video-transmission, and determined that to get a good understanding of what had been causing the interference, he would have to get a sound recording of it from Thunderbird 5.

Alan and Brains headed off in Thunderbird 3, to get to Thunderbird 5.

After everyone had arrived back on Tracy Island, Brains got to work on understanding what had caused the interference. Soon, Brains got a break-through and showed Jeff.

Brains explained that when two chemicals called Alsterene and OD-60 come in close contact with each other, they will produce the interference noise. Yet, when they get even closer, they cause an explosion.

They know that Ocean Pioneer II is carrying six thousand tonnes of Alsterene. Brains mentioned that OD-60 is commonly used for dog food. Scott looked at a map of the world; he finds that OD-60 is found in the Gulf Stream but not in the Mediterranean Sea.

Tin-Tin knew that Lady Penelope would know, as she was the judge for the Allpets poodle competition. So Jeff contacted Penelope.

On Ocean Pioneer II, the communications had become useless because of the interference and a huge fog had appeared.

At the Allpets headquarters, Lady Penelope interviewed Sir Arthur, head of the company. He pointed out that his company had dumped a huge pile of OD-60 in the Mediterranean Sea in the hope that it would grow, so that his company can collect OD-60 from a closer source.

With this information, Lady Penelope contacts Jeff and tells him there is OD-60 in the Mediterranean Sea.

On Tracy Island, Scott tries to contact Ocean Pioneer II. With no success, they set off knowing that they would be in trouble.

On Ocean Pioneer II, the reactor had died and it was drifting through the water with no propulsion. Very slowly the air in the cabin started to run out because the reactor had powered the ventilation system to it. The three men were slowly dying.

Soon Thunderbird 1 appeared and landed on Ocean Pioneer II. Virgil and John were in Thunderbird 2 trying to find ship through the thick fog. They tried to contact Scott but the interference made it hard to hear Scott.

Scott, on Ocean Pioneer II heard the engines of Thunderbird 2 and Scott managed to guide Virgil to ship.

Then John was lowered down onto Ocean Pioneer II were he assisted Scott to get the crew off. Soon after they leave, Ocean Pioneer II explodes.


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  • This episode features the only occasion in which John is seen taking an active part in a rescue. John admits that he has only been on about a dozen rescue missions, while Scott says that he has taken part in every single one. However, Scott was not involved in saving the kidnapped Lady Penelope in The Perils Of Penelope, so unless he has forgotten all about that mission, the events of this episode must take place before those of The Perils Of Penelope.
  • Lord Worden was originally seen as Sir Jeremy Hodge in The Perils Of Penelope while the Mayor to Penelope's right at the Clydeside launching of Ocean Pioneer II is Professor Holden from The Mighty Atom. Tony Williams (from Cry Wolf), MI.5 agent Tidman (from The Man From MI.5) and Lovegrove (from Vault Of Death) is portrayed by Dave Clayton from Day Of Disaster.
  • Even though Grandma does not appear in this episode, Jeff insinuates that she is on Tracy Island, When he says, "Lay the table for four, Tin-Tin". This means that this episode takes place after the episode Move - And You're Dead


  • Also visible in the crowd, is the Commander of Ocean Pioneer I and Lieutenant Jensen, oddly.

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