Crossroads to Crime is the title of the only movie Gerry Anderson ever directed. It was released in 1960 by A.P. Films.

Main CastEdit


David Graham in Crossroads to Crime

  • PC Don Ross - Anthony Oliver
  • Joan Ross - Patricia Heneghan
  • Connie Williams - Miriam Karlin
  • Diamond - George Murcell
  • Miles - Ferdy Mayne
  • Johnny - David Graham
  • Sergeant Pearson - Arthur Rigby
  • Len - Victor Maddern
  • Miles' Butler - Geoffrey Denton
  • Police Escort - Peter Diamond
  • Martin - William Kerwin
  • Paddy - Harry Twob
  • 1st Young Man - David Sale
  • 2nd Young Man - Terry Sale
  • Lorry Driver - Bill Sawyer
  • Basher - Donald Tandy
  • Phillips - J. Mark Roberts




Crossroads to Crime on

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