Crash Landing
Season 1, Episode 24
Original Transmission Sunday, July 8th 1961 5:15pm
Written by Gerry Anderson & Sylvia Anderson.
Directed by Desmond Saunders
Edited by Bill Harris
Production Order
Trapped In The Depths
The Dragon of Ho Meng
Broadcast Order
Supercar "Take One"
The Tracking Of Masterspy

Crash Landing is the 21st produced episode and the 24th broadcast episode of the British television series Supercar.


Supercar crashes in the jungle, with Mike Mercury , Dr. Beaker, Jimmy Gibson and Mitch the Monkey aboard. Beaker makes repairs but while Professor Popkiss, (in the lab), tests the craft on remote control, the noise it creates causes a herd of elephants to stampede. An air attack forces them away from the team. Meanwhile, Mitch has disappeared and Jimmy eventually finds him with a female monkey. After much heartache, Mitch finally decides to go back with Jimmy. It isn't until they are back at the lab that they discover a stowaway, the female monkey!


Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest Voice CastEdit

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