Computer Affair
Season 1, Episode 16
Original Transmission 15 May 1970
Written by Tony Barwick
Directed by David Lane
Production Order
Flight Path
Broadcast Order
Close Up

Computer Affair is an episode from the UFO TV series.


In a tragic defeat for SHADO, a UFO manages to get past three interceptors, destroying one, and through Earth's outer defences. Commander Straker orders Lieutenant Gay Ellis, who issued the unsuccessful evasive instructions, and the two remaining pilots to be psychoanalysed and the results fed into a computer. The computer's astonishing verdict is that Gay Ellis and one of the pilots, Mark Bradley, are in love, and Gay's misjudgement was caused by worry over Mark's safety. When the two are posted together again, this time in search of trespassing UFO, thy must avoid a repeat of the previous incident.

Regular CastEdit

  • Miss Ealand (scenes deleted) - Norma Ronald
  • Doctor Shroeder - Maxwell Shaw

Guest CastEdit

  • Lieutenant Ken Matthews - Michael Mundell
  • Doctor Murray - Peter Burton
  • Moonbase Operative Chris Granger - Nigel Lambert
  • Mobile 1 Personnel - Hein Viljoen and Dennis Plenty
  • Mobile 3 Officer - Hugh Armstrong
  • Lieutenant Bill Johnson - Shane Rimmer

SHADO Operative - Rosemary Donnelly

  • Captured Alien - Hugo Panczak
  • Aliens in Woods - Gito Santana and Shane Rimmer
  • Voice of Lunar Module Pilot - Jeremy Wilkin
  • Janis (scenes deleted) - Penny Spencer

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