City Of Fire
Season 1, Episode 15
City of Fire 01
Original Transmission January 6 1966
Written by Alan Fennell
Directed by David Elliott
Edited by Harry Ledger
Production Order
Pit Of Peril
Sun Probe
Broadcast Order
The Mighty Atom
The Impostors

City of Fire is the 3rd produced episode and the 15th broadcast episode of the first series of Thunderbirds.


A fire traps a family in the basement of a new shopping tower. With the help of Brains' risky new cutting gas, can International Rescue save them before the remnants of the building cause the roof to collapse?


On Tracy Island, an experiment goes badly wrong when Scott and Virgil pass out while testing new, fast-working oxyhydnite cutting gas developed by Brains. However, they soon recover, Brains stating that although the gas entered Scott and Virgil’s bodies through the pores, there is now no trace of it left in their bloodstreams.

Meanwhile, Joe, Blanche and Tommy Carter have travelled to the newly-constructed Thompson Tower, a 350-storey self-contained city and shopping complex. However, while they try to locate the monorail that will transport them from the underground car park to the tower, a young woman driver crashes her vehicle in the car park, causing an explosion that is picked up by Thompson Tower Control. Closing bulkhead doors to contain the ensuing fire to the basement, the Controller’s assistant inadvertently traps the Carters in a lower-level corridor, while the fire spreads to the tower through a vent. With the knowledge that the fire department cannot restrain the blaze and that three people are trapped underground, the Controller radios International Rescue for help. Jeff dispatches Scott in Thunderbird 1 and Virgil in Thunderbird 2 to the danger zone.

In the basement, the Carters begin to feel the effects of smoke inhalation. Meanwhile, Scott arrives at Thompson Tower Control to hear that the rest of the building has now been completely evacuated, but the tower collapses shortly before Virgil arrives. Scott and Virgil agree that they will have to risk using Brains’s gas if they are to reach the Carters before the basement roof collapses with the weight of the rubble.

While the roof begins to crack, Virgil drives the Firefly out of Thunderbird 2’s pod to clear an area in the white-hot wreckage. Joining Scott in the Mole, the brothers then bore their way underground and emerge in the nearest possible corridor to the Carters. Cutting their way through the steel bulkhead doors using the gas, Scott and Virgil are surprised to find that they are suffering no ill effects. Finally reaching the family, they find Blanche and Tommy unconscious and Joe on the brink of collapse. Loading them quickly onto their hoverbikes, they make a speedy getaway just as the roof caves in, accomplishing their mission.

Back on Tracy Island, Brains deduces that the heat in the corridors must have dispersed the gas before it could harm Scott and Virgil, and decides to store it in electrically-heated gas cylinders to make it safe for future use. Meanwhile, as Tin-Tin reads aloud a newspaper article praising International Rescue’s bravery, the woman driver who caused the Thompson Tower blaze criticises the dangerous driving of another motorist, much to the feigned empathy of her long-suffering husband.


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  • City of Fire was the first episode to be produced that featured the Firefly (seen again in Terror in New York City) and the Tracy hoverbikes (also featured in Vault of Death, Martian Invasion, Cry Wolf and Attack of the Alligators!).
  • The episode was serialised in issues 15-17 of Thunderbirds: The Comic by Alan Fennell and Keith Watson in 1992.
  • Inside the Mole, a sprue of a model making kit can be seen stuck to the side of the monitor.
  • Several Lego pieces can be see on the Tower Control Assistant's console.
  • This is the first episode where we see Alan being voiced by Matt Zimmerman.


  • Although the Thompson Tower is in the United States, a sign in the control centre features the British spelling 'centre' rather than the American 'center'.
  • When the Tower Controller says "How are those fire tenders coming", it is said by Ray Barrett instead of Matt Zimmerman.
  • When the Tower Controller says "I have a fast car waiting for you outside", his lips do not move.

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