The MysteronsEdit

Captain Scarlet and Captain Brown are sent to protect the World President from an assassination by The Mysterons. However, on the way, the Mysterons interfere with the controls and their car crashes, killing both men instantly.

They are both reconstructed and complete the security arrangements and the rendezvous. Later, Captain Brown is sent to a Maximum Security Building, where the World President is now housed, but no-one knows he is in fact a Mysteron duplicate. He turns into a bomb and blows the building up, seemingly killing the guards and the World President.

But it turns out that the World President survived through a secret compartment, and Colonel White reviews the recorded footage with Scarlet and the President.

Captain Scarlet takes the President in an SPJ, but the Mysteron in him takes over, and he veers off course. He ignores Colonel White, and injures the President when he tries to call Spectrum. Destiny Angel fakes an attack on the plane, and the two eject. They land and hijack a car, and then proceed to drive to London. Captain Blue is sent down to intercept, and Captain Scarlet is diverted to the London Car-Vu. Their only way is now up the 800 foot structure. Captain Blue is fast behind them in an SPV. Soon, they are both trapped on the top of the structure. Scarlet holds the President at gun-point, and takes him to a metal structure supporting a satellite dish. Blue gets a jetpack and begins an attack on Scarlet, and Scarlet fights back. Blue calls in Helicopter A42, but the Mysterons have taken over the copter, and it works against Blue. Destiny Angel shoots down the Copter after making the connection. After a long battle, Scarlet is hit and falls. Helicopter A42 crashes into the Car-Vu. Blue rescues the President just in the nick of time; the Car-Vu collapses and is destroyed.

Winged AssassinEdit

Big Ben Strikes AgainEdit



White As SnowEdit

The TrapEdit

Operation TimeEdit

Spectrum Strikes BackEdit

Special AssignmentEdit

The Heart Of New YorkEdit

Lunarville 7Edit

Point 783Edit

Model SpyEdit

Seek And DestroyEdit


Renegade RocketEdit

Crater 101Edit

The Shadow of FearEdit

Dangerous RendezvousEdit

Fire At Rig 15Edit

Treble CrossEdit

Flight 104Edit

Place Of AngelsEdit

Noose Of IceEdit

Expo 2068Edit

The LaunchingEdit

Codename EuropaEdit


Flight To AtlanticaEdit

Attack On CloudbaseEdit

The InquisitionEdit

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