Captain Scarlet
Gender Male
Real NamePaul Metcalfe
Born17th Dec 2036
Series Captain Scarlet
RoleSpectrum Personal
Voice ActorFrancis Matthews

Captain Scarlet (real name Paul Metcalfe) is the main hero of the Supermarionation television series Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, as well as its CGI remake.

He was voiced by Francis Matthews.

Character biographyEdit

Paul Metcalfe was born in Winchester on December 17, 2036 to a family with a long military history, he graduated from Winchester University in 2057, at the age of 21, and then went to West Point Military University; he later transferred to the World Army/Air Force, where within 2 years, he became the youngest colonel the WAAF had known to date.


Main article: Captain Scarlet's Missions


  • Like most Mysteron copies, his original body was destroyed and then retrometabolised to a Mysteron agent. However, unlike most Mysteron agents, Captain Scarlet retains his original memories and personality, whilst retaining all powers of Mysteron copies, including:
    • The ability to regenerate damaged tissues (Retrometabolism)
    • X-ray photographs will not show bones, only a normal face
    • The inability to be photographed normally, will only show a blank outline

Also, at least for the first few episodes, Captain Scarlet would become nauseous in the presence of another Mysteron agent; this ability mysteriously disappeared soon after.


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