After the discovery of The Mysterons on Mars, Captain Brown and Captain Scarlet are sent to meet with the World President to discuss security arrangements. Captain Brown is put in charge of the mission, but while in an SSV, the Mysterons tamper with the controls and the car swerves off the road, exploding and killing both men instantly.

The Mysteron version of Captain Brown is placed with the World President in an MSV, to escort him to the Maximum Security Building. Both men are placed through an advanced screening at the entrance of the building, the World President is cleared but Captain Brown sends alarm bells ringing. However, Brown pulls his cigarette case out of a pocket, and that seems to be the problem.

The World President and Captain Brown continue to the elevator, and descend to the Maximum Security Suite, 18 stories below street level. The World President jokes about 3 Dimensional Chess, and then goes to his desk to get some work done. However, Captain Brown becomes unresponsive, and eventually explodes, destroying the Maximum Security Building. When the recorded footage was reviewed later, it was discovered that the World President survived after 'ejecting' to a secret compartment behind the wall.

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