Captain Blue
Gender Male
Real NameAdam Svenson
Born26th August 2035
Series Captain Scarlet
RoleSpectrum Personal
Voice ActorEd Bishop

Captain Blue (real name Adam Svenson) is a character from Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons. He is a senior Spectrum officer and a close friend of Captain Scarlet.

He was voiced by Ed Bishop.

Captain Scarlet and the MysteronsEdit

Captain Blue is an expert pilot. He can competently drive most Spectrum vehicles. He is brave, diligent, patient and a natural leader, but is also obedient and respects the orders of Colonel White. He partners Captain Scarlet on most missions and, although his friend is indestructible, constantly fears for his safety. For example, in Winged Assassin, Blue tries to prevent Scarlet from suicidally ramming the wheels of a Mysteronised airliner using an SPV.

Blue acted as commander of Cloudbase during Colonel White's absence in White As Snow and replaced Lieutenant Green as the bases communications officer in Avalanche. However, he occasionally disobeys commands out of his own curiosity. For example, he refuses to leave a rocket base targeted by its own missile in Renegade Rocket, choosing to remain behind with Captain Scarlet in a desperate attempt to find the projectile's self-destruct code. In Special Assignment, Blue is unaware that Scarlet's discharge from Spectrum is part of the Captain's undercover mission and leaves Cloudbase without authorisation to reason with him.

Physically active, Blue enjoys visiting Australia to go surfing, water-skiing and deep-sea fishing.