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Cpt Black

Captain Black is from the television series Stingray.


Captain Black is a true Captain with his own ship and crew. Yet when finding treasure on an island Captain Black leaves his crew stranded on the island and takes the treasure for himself. While heading for a country where he can hide his ship he hits an iceberg and sinks. He is presumed dead.

However he is discovered by Troy Tempest and Phones three months later while being locked in a cell. He had been held captive in an underwater cavern by two marine men, Ebrun and Trell.

While Troy, Phones and Marina are trying to escape Captain Black tells Ebrun and Trell stopping them from escaping. Black had offered to serve Ebrun before, but after this, Ebrun, believing he’s loyal enough, allows Black to join him.

However, they are all captured by Troy and put on trial.


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