Joe and his father, Professor Ian McClaine are in vacation in Canada seeing a old friend Captain Pat Moran. Meanwhile 2 convicts, Real and Marney, seize an unexpected opportunity to make a daring getaway and a fortune who coincide with the arrival of the Prime Minister.

Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest Voice CastEdit

  • Captain Pat Moran - Gary Files
  • Paul Real - David Healy
  • Marney - Keith Alexander
  • Prime Minister MacCormack - Keith Alexander
  • Guard Eddie - Gary Files
  • Robbins - Gary Files
  • Cherook Penitentiary Warden - David Healy
  • Guard Pierre - Gary Files
  • Monument Hill Gun Captain - Keith Alexander

WIN Equipment UsedEdit

  • Joe's Glasses
  • Joe's Gun
  • Joe's WIN Transceiver

Non-WIN Equipment UsedEdit

  • Canadian Monorail
  • Helijets
  • Snowmobile
  • Work Detail Truck 3
  • Monument Hill Gun


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