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An aquaphibian is an aquatic humanoid species from the Supermarionation series Stingray.


Aquaphibians come in a variety of different forms, ranging from the near-human (Marina and her father, Aphony) to monstrous (Titan's minions).


All aquaphibians have the ability to survive both in water and on land, including the ability to survive the crushing pressures of the deep. (src)
IN the TV21 comics, some Aquaphibians, including Marina, have the ability to communicate telepathicly with their own kind: Although in the television series she comunicted with her father using a complex sign language of arm waving. (src)


The first aquaphibian originated from the previous show Fireball XL5 in the episode XL5 To H2O in having a bulbous head and eyes with a similar body to that of Titan's minions.

Notable AquaphibiansEdit

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