The Secret Service:
A Question Of Miracles
Season 1, Episode 2
A Question of Miracles
Original Transmission 28 September 1969
Written by Donald James
Directed by Leo Eaton
Production Order
A Case For The Bishop
The Feathered Spies
Broadcast Order
A Case For The Bishop
To Catch A Spy

A Question Of Miracles is the second episode of the British television series The Secret Service.

A series of accidents at British-made desalinisation plant is threatening export orders for the plant and causing anxiety to all involved, so Father Unwin is brought in. He and Matthew proceed to the next most likely scene of attack.

They successfully deceive everyone, most importantly the villains, and are thus able to discover a bomb in some vital machinery, a sabotage plot, and the mastermind behind it all.

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  • When Hartley is visiting Vice-President Nielson's office, four ornaments can be seen on the shelf behind him. In the next shot, the oriental coffeepot has disappeared, probably because it was interfering with the shot.